Little Dobbies Richmond

Retail Unit Fitout

Project Overview: Entrusted with the transformation of a retail unit for Dobbies in Richmond, our team successfully executed one of our most aesthetically pleasing projects to date. The task was multifaceted, requiring extensive strip-out, structural works, and a full-scale fitout.

Project Highlights:

  • Initial Preparations: Post the departure of the previous tenant, our first task was to conduct an expansive strip-out and essential structural modifications, adeptly performed without disrupting neighbouring LIVE units.
  • Infrastructure Modernization: A pivotal part of the project entailed the incorporation of new STATs, including the installation of up-to-date power and water systems, as detailed in our project brief.
  • Detailed Fitout: Over a dedicated 8-week period, our team accomplished:
    • Stud Walls & Ceilings: New stud walls and suspended ceilings were erected, offering a refreshed foundation for further enhancements.
    • Flooring: Modern, durable flooring was laid, seamlessly complementing the overall design aesthetic.
    • Joinery Works: The craftsmanship became particularly evident in the secondary phase, where we introduced a new IPS system and bespoke joinery elements, including elegant counters, shelving, and specialized till units.

Conclusion: Upon finalization, the Dobbies Richmond retail unit stood as a testament to our dedication to design excellence, functionality, and meticulous craftsmanship. The completed project remains a point of pride, exemplifying our unwavering commitmentto delivering unparalleled retail fitouts.

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