N Family Nursery Chertsey

Retail Unit Fitout

Project Overview: Our team was given the opportunity to undertake the extensive refurbishment of a discarded commercial space, delivering not just a functional nursery combined with office  but one that excels in design and finish. From initial strip-out to intricate joinery details, the transformation spanned over a comprehensive 14-week period.
Project Highlights:

• Preparation Phase: Following the departure of the original tenant, the initial task was a considerable strip-out and execution of necessary structural works. This critical phase was performed delicately around LIVE units, ensuring that adjacent operations experienced minimal disruptions.

  • Infrastructure Upgrades: Essential to our fitout was the installation of new STATs. This included modernizing the power and water supply systems to meet the demands of the incoming tenant.
  • Detailed Fitout: Over the following 8 weeks, we embarked on a series of renovations and installations:
    • Stud Walls & Ceilings: Installation of new stud walls and suspended ceilings provided a fresh canvass.
    • Raised Flooring: We laid down raised access flooring for service routes and then contemporary safety flooring, bringing both durability and aesthetic appeal to the nursery space.
    • Joinery Works: The secondary phase was dominated by precision joinery works. This encompassed a new IPS system, along with the crafting and setup of counters, office furniture and nursery kitchen and changing units

Conclusion: The final reveal showcased a nursery space that stands out, not only in functionality but also in unmatched finish and design quality. Our pride in this project endures, with the completed scheme serving as a benchmark for excellence and meticulous attention to detail in our fitouts.

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