Homebase Altrincham

Retail Refurbishment

Project Overview: Set within the bustling environs of Homebase Altrincham, our team embarked on an ambitious retail refurbishment journey. With the unique challenge of working in a LIVE retail environment, we demonstrated not only our adaptability but also our commitment to delivering impeccable results without disrupting daily store operations.Project Highlights:
  • LIVE Retail Dynamics: Navigating the complexities of an operational retail store posed its challenges. By adeptly designing around existing infrastructure and coordinating closely with the store’s daily activities, we ensured smooth progress with minimal disruptions.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Given the store’s bustling environment with staff and customers, our work schedule oscillated between day and night shifts, showcasing our dedication and adaptability.
  • Modern M&E Installations: Central to the refurbishment was the introduction of contemporary mechanical and electrical solutions. This included the integration of sustainable features like energy-efficient LED lighting and cutting-edge eco-friendly ventilation systems.
  • Comprehensive Fitout Elements: Our commitment to excellence wasvisible in every corner of the store:
    • Fire Safety: New fire walls and ceilings were installed, ensuring the store met the highest safety standards.
    • Space Enhancements: We undertook meticulous mezzanine alterations, optimizing store space and functionality.
    • Finishing Touches: From the installation of durable flooring, sophisticated decorations, to intricate panelling works, every aspect was addressed with precision and design insight.

Conclusion: After an intensive 18-week period, the transformed Homebase Altrincham stood as a shining example of our prowess in retail refurbishments. The end product was not only a testament to our craftsmanship and dedication but also a space that left our client thoroughly impressed and customers delighted with the refreshedshopping experience.


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